Spike, initiated for the 2018 Soundance festival, is the first collaborative performance experiment between composer Başak Günak and choreographer Christine Bonansea.In Spike, two artists research the limits of space, from possession to occupancy, and from attitudes of stealing, or repossessing, to owning and commanding; thereby creating questions of control and straining the relationship between them.


Christine Bonansea is a US-European artist with 20 years of professional experience in performing, conceiving and directing/choreographing movement-based works presented internationally since 2010. Through her numerous collaborations, a continued movement practice, Bonansea has developed her unique artistic voice, transcending the inevitable limitations of choreography or theatrical dramaturgy.

Başak Günak a.k.a AH! KOSMOS is composer and performer based in Berlin. She uses experimentation with found sounds, analogue and electronic composition to experience how sound vibration and melody resonates within bodies and other beings. Her work defies being tied to a genre, tapping into something beyond an immediate surrounding or experience to communicate something more transcendental.