In a time when the possibility of exercising doubt has been compressed, the rhetoric of clear speech leaves only two possibilities open: say yes, or say no. APORIA_a study on hesitation wants to be a work in which investigate that moment when you get stuck, stranded. Aporia (ἀπορία) is a concept dear to Greek philosophy to indicate the impossibility of giving a precise answer to a problem. As artists and citizens who worked between visual arts and performing arts, always attentive to the contexts in which we live, thinking of the city as a living organism, a body endowed with visible and invisible zones, of continuous movements, of erogenous zones, beautiful or ugly, healthy or sick, and thinking of the human body as a city, rich in regulated or indeterminate flows, parking or access bans, meeting places, we are made of decisive uncertainties: be part of the image and realize it. Being a point in space, between converging lines and new trajectories. Integrating yourself: an impractical passage? In front of a wall or in front of infinity? Of the two solutions, none. The relationship between the human body and space, transferred to the field of the screen, is an insistent struggle, short of balance, against forced two-dimensionality, in a dialectic between stasis and movement, between zero degree and “implementation” of the creative process.